Some time ago I decided to create a web-presence with some blog showing the stuff I do next to my engineering things. So even if there is not much more here, welcome to my personal web page. The design was made by VentZer0 for this project and I really like to keep it online for that reason, even if its out of date now.

I am working as an engineer in geothermal sience on various projects related to new deep drilling methods which also consumes most of my free time now. There has been some days where I put videos on YouTube, but due to time issues, this is also discontinued.

Contact – Personal
Facebook: facebook.com/Ion.Ripper
Steam: steamcommunity.com/id/IonRipper/
Youtube: Outpost Omega

Contact – Business
Xing: xing.com/profile/Viktor_Hartung2
linkedIn: linkedin.com/in/hartungdth