Removing 50/100 Hz noise on Peavey Rage 158

Some decades ago I bought a Peavey Rage 158 for doing guitar exercises in my house, but for playing more “soft and clean” jazz things the 100 Hz noise gets really annoying. Shorten the input doesnt remove it, its clearly something from inside the amp. It gets worse if you turn the equalizer High knob to zero.

After getting scematics (use some popular search engine, they are out there but due to copyright things I cant show them here) I saw that they really use the most low-cost power supply inside the amp, providing only one DC voltage and breaking it further down with resistors. The main amplifier is directly connected to the 28 V DC, the signal input is super senstive there and the power supply has still peaks of about 120 mV after adding an additional capacitor.


Blocking Ads with your Router

While using DD-WRT it was not easy but possible to replace ads on webpages with a 1×1 sized transparent gif, a lot of steps were needed to set it up. With OpenWRT its more easy, you don’t need to install pixelserv (which provided the transparent pixel), it’s all possible without extra packages.

The idea is to “poison” the DNS by the OpenWRT software and redirect dns entries from advertising sites to a 1×1 square transparent gif. The browser will not display any error message, it will just show nothing instead of the ads. The reason why I decided to install this again is the limited data volume by my internet provider. Without loading the videos and animations, pages load faster and I save a lot of bandwith.

Here is how it’s done.


How to use 3G USB Stick on OpenWRT

As my roommate moved out and took teh internet with her, I had to get wifi asap. Had some trouble so I thought about publishing what I did and found out. I’m quite unexperienced with networks and linux but it took some time to google and try out things.

Finally I got OpenWRT 15.05 with the 3G USB Stick running now. Both ZTE MF667 and Huawei E3533 work. It seems like ZTE MF667 drops a lot of packages, while the Huawei works fine.



The Counter-Strike  map of the place where I made my apprenticeship is available in a playable beta version.

Download the .bsp-File here: cs_abz_beta2.bsp (3.9 MB)

cs_abz_09 cs_abz_08 cs_abz_07

cs_abz_06 cs_abz_05 cs_abz_04

cs_abz_03 cs_abz_02 cs_abz_01

I will not finish this cause it takes too much time and I’m not working there anymore.